Winston Churchill and the World War Two UFO Cover-Up

Recent disclosed archived documents from the UK government reveal that both Churchill and Eisenhower met in secret to discuss an incident between a RAF plane, and an unidentified flying object (UFO) – during the Second World War. What happened over the skies of wartime Europe, which led to a secret meeting between Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower, and an eventual UFO cover up?

Pilots throughout aviation history have long since reported rumored incidents and sightings of strange unidentified flying objects – UFO’s. Many of these sightings have taken place during times of war, where the news of any close contact could be censored for reasons of national security, and locked away in the files of our national security services for years.

One vintage sighting was the strange sighting by a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot who was returning back from a mission over mainland Europe. A UFO was sighted and hovered for some time near his plane, and he calmly took photographs of this alien craft, before it quickly moved away. The pilot returned to base, reporting the incident, and handed over the film to his commanding officer.

The photographs caused a mass panic within the government, and quickly reached the desk of the then British war time leader- Winston Churchill. Faced with a war of attrition which was getting more complex every day, and the possibility of Britain still facing a possible defeat- Churchill contacted Dwight Eisenhower- the US allied commander in Europe- and requested an immediate secret meeting.

Winston Churchill was acutely aware of public morale, especially after the continued bombings of British cities during the early stages of war, and believed if the photographs and the incident were made public- they would cause the population to panic and even stop their belief in religion – (according to the recently published files on the meeting).

In the meeting the possibility of the UFO actually being a German missile was also discussed, as rockets were used by the German air force during the latter stages of the war. One expert present at the meeting stated-“No missile could stop and hover.” A fact that could of influenced Churchill to close the case for over 50 years.

But there may have been another more subtle reason behind his decision. The public may of lost confidence in the war effort, and there are a thousand other potential scenarios which may of caused a mass panic- from a rumored alien invasion, to the belief that the visitors were providing technology to the enemy. After all the first radio broadcast of the story of HG Well’s “War of the Worlds,” did cause a panic in the mid-1930’s as many people listening believed, they were really being invaded by Martians.

Churchill and Eisenhower also knew that Hitler, believed in alien life and the occult, which was censored during the war. The thought that Hitler may of somehow had contact with other advanced life forms must have crossed both men’s minds. The off the record discussion during this meeting must of been one of the strangest in history.

The pilot who witnessed and photographed the alien craft died in 1973. But he told his daughter upon his deathbed, a secret he had kept silent about for over 30 years Her son hearing this tale, inquired about the incident with the ministry of defense (MOD) in 1999. This started the process of releasing the documents on this incident- vindicating his Grandfather, and opening up a new debate – On how much our governments have covered up other similar incidents?

This historical sighting proves that Dwight Eisenhower who went onto becoming a President of the United States in the 1950’s- had seen visual proof of a UFO. It also reveals Britain’s most respected Prime Minister, had no qualms in covering up any news which could affect public moral, and perhaps the outcome of one of histories most brutal wars.

We may understand the reasons why Winston Churchill ordered the cover-up of this incident. But how many more secrets lay in hidden government files documenting other similar sightings, and how long have these sightings been documented and hidden?

By Mark W. Medley

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