UK UFO sighting – Wells, Somerset 13 August 2013

Details of Sighting
Flickering yellowy-orange light floating in sky above rooftops in the west. No noise. Did not look like meteor, satellite or ISS. Seemed to be “bobbing” as if floating on water. after 20 mins it seemed to change and appeared to have a faint haze around it with 3-4 lines radiating out (a bit like a jellyfish).

Second object rose up from direction of ground, moved toward first object and then veered off southwards, fading to nothing. First object went back to being a flickering, bobbing light, still in same part of sky. After 30 mins of watching it was still there but nothing further occurred .

Sighting Location – Wells, Somerset
Sighting Date – 13 August 2013
Time – 11.40
Witness Name -Stephen

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