UK UFO sighting – Watford, Hertfordshire 8th Sept 2013

Details of Sighting
Walking back from a night out with friends and spotted a large orange, glowing light moving slowly overhead which faded after a few minutes. It was a sort of pointed shape. Then another similar light appeared and also slowly faded. A third light then appeared and flew overhead and again disappeared after a few minutes. All followed the same direction, but moving side to side slightly as they passed over.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else saw this.

Sighting Location – Watford, Hertfordshire
Sighting Date – 8th Sept 2013
Time – around midnight
Witness Name – Jenny

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  1. Dan Watford says

    It sounds like what you saw is a Chinese Fire Lantern. They are orange in colour, move silently across the sky and when they run out of fuel they seem to fade out and vanish. I live in Watford and have seen many of these over the last few years. Go on you tube and search them so you can compare them to what you saw.