UK UFO sighting – South Wales 20/6/16

Details of Sighting
I happened to look out of my back window tonight and saw the most brightest red object, the lights were pulsating and the glow from the object was immense. It was moving in a straight line and at a constant speed from east to west. It was flying very low, almost at eye level and there was absolutely no sound from it whatsoever! As it started to leave my vision, I ran upstairs to be able to see it again.

I watched it until it was no longer in my vision. I have witnessed a few sightings over the years but this was something I have never seen before and it wasn’t on the regular flight paths that I’m used to seeing aircraft on. I’m absolutely thrilled to have witnessed this tonight…..I hope it comes back 😀

UFO Sighting Location – South Wales
UFO Sighting Date – 20/6/16
Time – 11pm
Witness Name – Emma

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