UK UFO sighting Scamonden Dam, Yorkshire 7th aug 2013

Details of Sighting
meteor watching and space stn fly by,my grandson his friend and myself went to scamonden dam to watch the meteors and space stn fly by,we saw a large bright light over head no sound no flashing plane lights we thought it was the space stn but it was far to low.

it carried on not fast but faster than a Chinese lantern it did not have the flickering jerking movements of a lantern,nor was it a plane,we were not too fazed by this object we get lots of ufo in our valley,only last week my grandson and friend Brandon was coming round to mine when they saw close up another ufo hovering over our house.i went outside and got a short vid of this bright star like object ,I also got both boys to sketch the ufo seeing has they saw it close up .both are identical I made them sketch separate, but at the same time.

Sighting Location – Scamonden Dam, Yorkshire
Sighting Date – 7/08/2013
Time – about half eleven maybe 12
Witness Name – Sue

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