UK UFO sighting – Headge End Southampton 9/1/14

Details of Sighting
Two small white round lights appeared from behind tree line, moving upwards to the right. at least 200 foot away (that is how far away the tree line is from where i was). one followed closely by the other, dissappeared behind cloud bank. visible for 2 – 3 seconds.

a split second after the second light dissappeared behind cloud above tree line, a small commercial or private jet appeared from the direction of Eastleigh Airport, was quite low which i felt is unusual. this gave me an idea of their possible size, which was very much smaller than the plane. however unable to tell how far the lights were from the plane, but i felt they were fairly close.

Weather: dark, dry, with large clouds.

Sighting Location – Hedge End, Southampton
Sighting Date – 9/1/14
Time – around 7.15/7.20am
Witness Name – Jackie

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