UK UFO sighting – Finchingfield, Essex 1st april 2014

Details of Sighting
i was just about to go to bed, looked out to back garden,mainly to see if there was a frost., and i noticed something circular hovering high up above the clouds,with red and white lights flashing off and on, grabbed the binoculars on the shelf to study it closer and at first thought it was a helicopter but there wasnt any sound of the blades.

watched it for 10 to 15 minutes and it moved really quickly further away and then came back, all the time just hovering. there wasnt any beam from any lights below it as if police were searching for someone so got no idea what it could have been. hope someone else out there spotted it. it moved away very quickly in the end out of sight, but it was definitely round and dome shaped above the lights.before anyone says so.. this is not an april fool joke., i just wished i woke my husband up to see it too so i had another witness!

UFO Sighting Location – Finchingfield, Essex
UFO Sighting Date – 1st april 2014
Time – approximately aprox 11.15pm
Witness Name – Jan

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  1. I have found this post after searching Google “UFO Finchingfield” the reason i searched this is i am a big ufo sightings fan i have never attempted to catch a ufo on video before but i watch all videos posted on the internet. I was with some friends this morning on the subject of UFO’s and they told me of a sighting that they had both witnessed of a silver disk and also told me of 2-3 other sightings that one of there family members has had with some amazing details of a craft hovering at street light level. these sightings have been over a period of time but have all happened in or around Finchingfield, Essex! I’ve come home done the Google search and have become very excited after seeing this post and the date as it was only 1 month ago. I have contacted my friends to arrange getting a full description , locations and as much detail as possible of the sighting they had and the ones of there other family member sightings. I would like to know if there is any other information that could be shared about this sighting?