UK UFO sighting over Farnborough, Hampshire 21/8/13 + video

Details of Sighting
Taken (from a camera phone) at 21:42 on 21/8/13, what appears to be 3 orange lights floating (no movement) in the night sky.

Just as I started the camera recording, one of the lights flashes on, off, on, then off completely. The other two stay in place and did so until I stopped recording.

I live in Farnborough, which has a runway and I am well aware of what aircraft look like. These lights were positioned away from the airport, as if you were looking from Farnborough, towards Aldershot direction. These objects were strange enough for me, a normal level headed person get my phone out and stand in the rain recording them for 1 minute, so make your own minds up.

Sighting Location – Farnborough, Hampshire
Sighting Date – 21/8/13
Time – 21:42
Witness Name – Lee

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