UK UFO sighting – East coast Scotland 10th Sept 2014

Details of Sighting
Very large white oval object hovering approximately 150 ft above the ground at a distance of 1/4 mile. Slowly rotating with tiny markings on the side, hard to see at distance. the sky was clear blue not a cloud in sight. My wife took a photo using her phone but the object did not show on the photo, at a guess I would out this down to magnetic shielding that would bend the light of the imager of the camera but not human eye sight.

We watched it for 10 minutes while walking the dogs, when we got home I ran inside and grabbed my DIGITAL SLR as I raised the camera the large white oval which by comparing it to houses at the same distance looked to be around 150 -200 ft long making it around 75ft in depth top to bottom. It flew upwards in a blurr, no shockwave or boom, I would again consider this to be using magnetic repulsion similar to John Searls IVG back in the 60s…

UFO Sighting Location – East coast Scotland
UFO Sighting Date – 10th Sept 2014
Time – 6:26pm
Witness Name – Phill and Sheila

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