UK UFO sighting – Dunnet Bay, Scotland 7/8/16

Details of Sighting
We were in our caravan layed on our seating area, eachside of the caravan , looking through our skylight in pitch darkness watching the stars and looking and counting how many shutting stars we could spot when my husband said he had just seen a object of a disc like shape shoot past the skylight must have been high up, bearing in mind I was at the the other side and at the other end looking up ! So my view was different to his. When Nick was telling me and describing this I then from my view point saw this same or second object ! Which I must say had a glow , or even angelic glow about it as it shoot past.

We think the object must have been much bigger than a large van size and quite high in the sky, and must say we still can’t explain what we saw, but know for sure it’s real and not a satellite , way to big for that , didn’t think I would ever see anything like this! I Evan had a dream the other night and as clear has I saw that night it was so in my dream !! We keep looking at the night sky just in case we see it again and will be away in our van in October , this time we plan to fix a camera on the outside of the skylight window and just maybe we may something again.

UFO Sighting Location – Dunnet Bay, Scotland
UFO Sighting Date – 06/08/2016
Time – 2pm ish
Witness Name – Mick

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