UK UFO sighting – Cardiff, Wales 7/11/16

Details of Sighting
I’ve seen virtually the same siting in the same direction about 3 months ago a bright reddish ball type shape of light which seem to have a green light flickering around it.

It was flying back and forth in a straight line extremely fast and then seemed to fly behind a tree but it had disappeared.i don’t study UFOS however this was 100% NOT an aeroplane a helicopter a firework a lazer etc. I was walking my dog and it actually freaked me out so badly my husband when I I ran back in the house was concerned how afraid I was.

The way it was moving alone was strange? I have never seen an aircraft move like that only(ironically) on UFO type fiction films.

Even more bazaar was how it looked.i tried filming it the first time I saw it but my mobile films nothing of interest and nothing like the real thing so I didn’t try again. I didn’t want to hang around anyway.when I had calmed down I looked on YouTube and to my supplies there was a UFO sighting vid with same reddish light and whatever it was to the naked eye looked from a distance about the size of a adult football.(as a star looks about the size of a pea)

UFO Sighting Location – Cardiff, Wales
UFO Sighting Date – 7/11/16
Time – Roughly 8.50
Witness Name – Beverly

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