UK UFO sighting – Bolton, August 2015


Details of Sighting
My Uncle Kevin was relaxing in his garden with his wife Stella on Wednesday, August 12, when he saw two ‘glistening’ UFOs. He says the mysterious objects appeared among the clouds at 5.10pm.

The 72-year-old retired lift engineer managed to capture one on camera before it disappeared behind a cloud. He said: “These silver objects were glistening very brightly as if the light was reflecting off them. Both went into a cloud, one never came out but I got pictures of the one that did. It looks all the world like a piece of foil floating but it wasn’t. In the final picture it looks like there are joints. I haven’t a clue what it is. It changes form on each picture as if it is on some kind of rotation. It was very, very strange but somebody might be able to identify what it is.”

The orbit path of the International Space Station crosses over the house but would not fly low enough to pass through the clouds.
He has also dismissed suggestions that the strange structure could be a kite it appeared to fly independently of any strings.

UFO Sighting Location – Bolton
UFO Sighting Date – August 2015
Time – 5.10 pm
Witness Name – Kevin

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