UK UFO sighting – Ardleigh Green, London 1995-1996

Details of Sighting
I was driving to my girlfriends from a meeting, it was about 21.15 – 21:30 as the meeting finished at 9.00pm, I know this as it was a regular meeting at the time but I can only guess a date but it was late 1995/early 1996.

I was on the A127 heading towards Romford when as I neared the lights at Ardleigh Green there was a very bright flash of light in the, it was so bright it instantly made me look up even though I was driving. As I looked up I saw an enormous object hovering above the ground, probably about 500 feet or so up, It was very very large and appeared to be roughly diamond shaped with very bright lights making out the rough shape of it. I watched for probably only a few seconds (felt like longer) before it shot straight up vertically at an almost unbelieveable speed and was completely out of view in a second or so, it was truly incredible.

On arriving at my girlfiends I immediately told her and her parents (who must have thought I was mad) and phoned my parents as well. Although I have told the story on a couple of occasions I have never reported this. Incidentally I remember there was another car in front of me and I would have thought the driver/passenger must have seen something as well.

UFO Sighting Location – Ardleigh Green
UFO Sighting Date – 1995-1996
Time – 21:15 approx
Witness Name – Chris

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