UK UFO sighting – A303, Thruxton 21/03/2017

Details of Sighting
Travelling from London towards Amesbury on a303 and I was nearing thruxton; in the distance up high I could see helicopters ahead and slight to left of me; then, suddenly much higher in the sky a huge (about same as 4 helicopters together – given the distance it was from the helicopters) opaque white oval shape heading downwards SO quickly with the end of the oval pointing towards ground – it disappeared into the black sky which had sort of enveloped the right hand side of the sky – the area with the helicopters was still not clouded completely – brighter night blue sky.

I was absolutely sure it wasn’t a reflection as I checked all my car windows with the traffic oncoming and rear and to left of me car lights;; NOTHING lit that area of my window (top right corner of windscreen above steering wheel ) acted in the same way. the ovoid shape so opaque and ‘end down’ moved in the sky in the same way as you might shine a light beam in a quick movement across a screen. WEIRD. THen, as I got up the hill towards boscombe, I could see a couple of helicopters hovering in sky then one tracked across sky towards the side where the ovoid thing had appeared; only the heli was at a hugely different altitude than the shape I saw move.

UFO Sighting Location – A303, Thruxton
UFO Sighting Date – 21/03/2017
Time – approx 7.10pm
Witness Name – dee

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