UK daytime UFO sighting – Yorkshire Coast 4th August 2013

Details of Sighting
This was a daytime sighting – I was at on the rock scars at Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast looking out, eastwards over the north sea. Above the thin cloud base, was a metallic flashing object hanging in the air – it was a long way out toward the horizon so it was hard to make out.

There was a periodic flashing which I believed was a rotation of what appeared to be 3 conjoined metaillic triangular shapes – similar in concept to the christmas-tree shape. Each of the three triangles appeared to rotate independently? As such there was an irregular flash as the bright sunshine, above/behind me so not obscuring my vision, caught the highly reflective surface.

We stood and watched for a number of minutes as the shape descended through the cloud line, slowly, and descended slowly and consistently below the horizon – where it became obscured from view. I manag e to take an iPhone photo, so the quality is not great but there is a definite representation of a tall composite shape in the distance.

Sighting Location – Yorkshire Coast

Sighting Date – 4/08/2013
Time – 11:43
Witness Name – Stew

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