UFO’s Caught on Film: Amazing Evidence of Alien Visitors to Earth

UFO's Caught on Film: Amazing Evidence of Alien Visitors to Earth [
UFOs Caught on Film is an extraordinary collection of photographs which brings together the finest visual evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life. The amazing images have been selected by top UFO researcher B J Booth, and each photograph is accompanied by his commentary. From early photos dating back to the 1920s to mystifying images taken in the last few years, this book tracks all significant sightings and stories. This unique compilation of photos will delight any fan of the paranormal, from UFOlogists to those who just love a conspiracy theory – the truth is out there!

Customer Review By Paul Madge 5.0 out of 5 stars The truth is out there! 2 Dec 2012

I am fascinated by UFO sightings but remain open minded as to whether or not there is an explanation for these sightings.

I am very pleased with this book which has a photograph for each sighting and a relatively short but interesting commentary. The photos which hail from many countries are arranged in chronological groupings and span from the 1870s right up to 2011. One of the first UFO pictures was taken in the 1870s – this surprised me a lot. Of course, the authenticity of the pictures will always be open to debate, but given the production quality of the book I believe the author/publisher would not knowingly include a photograph that was faked. Of course, this does not mean that some of the photos are not well executed hoaxes. On a more positive note, though, assuming the majority of the photographs are not faked the book does make you wonder – is there something out there?

This book is nicely produced and laid out. The photographs are, I believe, reproduced as best as the originals will allow and in many cases they are very clear. A common feature is that in many of the photographs a magnified shot of the UFO is inset into the original shot. The commentary is brief, and, as the title suggests the emphasis is on the visual evidence.

In summary, a good quality and thought provoking book based around photographic evidence suggesting the existence of UFOs. This is an enjoyable book which I think I will revisit again and again. Recommended.

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About the Author
Billy Booth has been a UFO researcher and writer for over 30 years. He is webmaster of ufocasebook.com, one of the largest UFO websites, and has appeared on UFO radio and TV shows on the Discovery and History Channel. He has also been the guide at about.com for UFOs.He lives in Texas.

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