UFO sighting Budapest, Hungary 6/8/13

I looked out on the window and I caught sight of a bright and white point on the sky at the dusk. It moved slowly, without noise to east. I didn’t know what it is, so I took my camera and zoomed to it. It accurately seemed a bright white circle disk.

I think it was not really similar to anything: neither to an airplane (as it didn’t fulgurate, had not noise, etc.) nor to a star (as it was bigger and moved). Most likely it was similar to a globe-lightning or may be it was a satellite, but I think it was too big to be that. I started recording with the camera but unfortunately the object moved a bit away till then, but I could make a 2 minutes video in 14x zoom until it disappeared (unfortunately I couldn’t hold the camera very straight).

Sighting Location
Budapest, Hungary
Sighting Date
20:56 CET
Witness Name

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