Two Different Views Of The Visitors

Two of the biggest events in 2010 UFO news came from Professor Stephen Hawking and seven former U.S. Air Force pilots.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the difference in opinion between these two parties.

The topic? The disposition of the aliens. Their “agenda” so to speak.

Mr. Hawking caused quite a stir when he made the statement that we should not seek out alien life. Instead, we should be doing everything in our power to hide from the aliens.

Actually, his wording was more along the lines of avoiding any contact but the message he was sending can certainly be taken as a warning for us earthlings to hide as best as we can.

Why would the professor make such a statement?

Because he believes alien life is certain to exist in many places beyond our own planet and we have no way of knowing what that alien life will be like.

His reasoning is incredibly simple and yet highly logical. This universe contains an estimated 100 billion galaxies. Yes, galaxies! As you know our own planet is but one of many in the Milky Way galaxy.

Hawking suggests that each galaxy contains hundreds of millions of stars and planets. In such an immense space, it is highly unlikely and indeed, illogical, to expect that Earth is the only planet to hold life.

He believes the important question is not “do aliens exist?” but “what are they like?” While Hawking expects that most other life will be extremely simple such as microbes, at least a few of the life forms out there are certain to not only be intelligent but also likely to present a threat to humans.

Professor Hawking considers the possibility that aliens may have already exhausted all natural resources on their home-world so have taken to space as Intergalactic nomads traveling from planet to planet conquering and raiding the resources on each world.

I find it very interesting that this bit of 2010 UFO news reminds me very much of the movie Independence Day where aliens bear an uncanny resemblance to what Hawking described. In the movie, the aliens are described as being similar to locusts, moving from planet to planet devouring all resources from each one.

Regardless, I must admit that the professor indeed makes a valid point and he drove that point home in his conclusion which compared contact between alien races and humans to the outcome of Christopher Columbus making contact with Native Americans.

Now, let’s take a look at the opposite view.

On September 27, 2010 seven former U.S. Air Force pilots delivered testimony stating that not only do aliens exist but they are and have been visiting us.

The pilots stated they had either reviewed reports documenting UFOs hovering above nuclear sites, or had personally witnessed these events.

Robert Hastings, a UFO researcher, stated that he, and the seven former U.S. Air Force Pilots, believe that this planet is currently being visited by beings from another world. Furthermore, they believe that for whatever reason, these alien visitors have taken an obvious interest in the nuclear arms race which began on Earth at the end of World War Two.

The pilots provided descriptions of the events. Describing red glowing objects, and other alien craft, that projected beams of light or energy down from thousands of feet above.

They claim the Malmstrom Air Force Base was the location of one such event back in 1967. UFOs appeared and temporarily disabled nuclear missiles by using these beams of energy.

In contrast to Stephen Hawking’s view, the conclusion of the seven former U.S. Air Force Pilots is that, whoever these beings are, they obviously want us to stop our continual bickering between nations around the world and to cease the pursuit of nuclear weaponry. They aren’t up to no good. How do we know this? Because they haven’t obliterated us yet.

Of course, one may wonder why the aliens care.

Are their motives altruistic? Do they truly wish to save us from ourselves or do they view our nuclear weaponry as a threat to them.

Personally, I’d like to believe the former. It is my great hope that any beings far more advanced than us, and most likely far older than the human race, would have gained enough knowledge to make better choices and display more admirable characteristics than we have demonstrated through centuries of war and oppression.

By Gar Benjamin

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