New UFO Group being formed in South Devon

A new group for people interested in the phenomena of UFO’s has been formed in South Devon. The Torbay UFO Group, simply known as TUFOG for short, has three basic aims:

1 Firstly to provide a base for those interested in UFO’s, holding meetings, carrying out sky watches and logging reports.

2 Secondly to encourage research and investigation into the subject and broadening the knowledge of the groups members.

3 And thirdly to build our own local investigation and research unit, closely working with other UFO research groups.

Group founder, Peter Mc.Guffin said, ‘I have a longstanding interest in UFO’s, but confess to being no expert. However Torbay is regarded by experts as one of the hotspots of UFO activity in the British Isles, and therefore I felt there was a need for a group to specifically cater for the subject’.

TUFOG plan to hold regular meetings and Sky Watches, with the long term aim of taking up the mantle of the Cornwall UFO Research Group in holding seminars or an annual conference. Pete Mc.Guffin said, ‘We hope our meetings will be both lively and interesting, sharing material and eventually inviting guest speakings. I would one day also like to see a UFO conference held in South Devon’.

Peter was keen to emphasise the broad base of the group. ‘We do not want to be an exclusive group, but one where all those interested will be welcome from the curious to those interested in greater research to the long established expert’.

Those interested in joining TUFOG can email the group at
They can also access the group via its website and facebook page at

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