Lenticular clouds: Photographer captures corkscrew formations over Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park

The strange – yet stunning – cloud patterns were caught on camera by amateur photographer Tyler Mode over Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State, U.S.

Red-Orange Orb, Lights in the sky, UFO over Burbank, WA. March 24, 2012

This came right over my house. It looked like a 8′-10′ glass ball with an ark welder in it putting off orange-red light. It was so bright that it was hard to stare at. It was only about 500′ off the ground and made no sound at all. It only moved at about 15 mph. I managed to get 5 min. of video of it moving away from me. I think I’m a believer now.

What was UFO sighting in Sri Lanka?

Classified files released by the National Archives have revealed an RAF officer had a close encounter while on holiday in Sri Lanka.