UFO sighting – BIlbao Spain Museum 23rd August 2016

Taking pictures of surrounding area around the outside of museum and caught a moving really strange shape in the sky.
40 degrees clear skies and the moon was still clearly out above aswell

UFO sighting – Hollydale Park, Southgate California 09/26/2015

This Formation of a Fleet of 12 Ufo’s was witnessed and documented on September 26th at 1pm Saturday for an L.A. Ufo Channel Event in Hollydale Park, Southgate California.

UFO sighting and video – Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, United States 4/10/15

on 4-10-15 on lake tahoe by the gondola skyride at 6:00 pm i saw 7 lights in the sky that i film on youtube (ufo sightings on lake tahoe 2015)

UFO sighting – NH USA 03/12/2015

I was coming back from a hike and it was getting later than I wanted so I was moving up a hill pretty fast to get back to civilization when I saw a large circular object in the sky. It was probably about a half mile away and made no sound.

UFO Sighting – Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada 22/1/15

Thought to be 2 bright stars shinning with changing colors. I live in a wooded area and stars don’t move up, down and multiple directions. One is very close to the ground the other is in the tree line just above. Both have a very bright white light emanating which appears to be like what we do if we were taking photos of the land

UFO Sighting – Loveland Ohio, 13th Aug 2014

…looked up toward the north and saw a orangeish red cylinder/rectangle moving at a steady speed toward the south east. No sound….

Giant ‘being’ & UFO together on camera?

UFO sighting – Costa Rica, August 30th 2013

I was outside on my deck having a coffee,looked up there was something really bright in the sky,then it started moving.I watched it for a minute or so,then went in and got my camera and video taped the object, 1st time, was a 1,27 minute video,and the it came back and I video taped it again, the video does it no justice as with the naked eye I could make out the shape of the object.

UFO sighting Budapest, Hungary 6/8/13

I looked out on the window and I caught sight of a bright and white point on the sky at the dusk. It moved slowly, without noise to east. I didn’t know what it is, so I took my camera and zoomed to it. It accurately seemed a bright white circle disk.

UFO sighting – Delhi, India 19/1/11

19th January 2011, 2:02am, there were earthquakes waves felt at New Delhi, India due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that had struck Pakistan. That same night at 4:41am, I saw a fireball/plasma orb at a spot in the sky where I’ve never seen anything stationary before. I clicked its pictures at different ISO sensitivities for next half hour. Well, I think its an UFO.