Could this be proof of UFO hovering above Gloucester?

Could this be proof of a UFO hovering above Gloucester? A Gloucester Citizen reader has shared video footage of a baffling object in the night sky.

UFO’s Creating Crop Circle in Wiltshire, UK

Filmed in Wiltshire, Uk. This video shows what appears to be a group of three or four UFO’s manifesting and creating a crop circle. Very nice video. Whether the object are actually creating a crop circle or not, these craft are definitely something I myself have no explanation for.

UFO, Wiltshire UK 30/03/2012

Chasing UFO is my hobby and Iv’e experienced this most unusual event.
Last week we had grate weather in UK and using this opportunity I decided to camp and skywatch for a few days in Wiltshire.

UK UFO sighting – Colnbrook, Middlesex, UK 22/04/12

I was leaving a mate’s house in the early morning and I was sitting in my car when I saw a strange object and lights in the sky. I got out of my car straight away and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The object was about the sizes of 2/3 townhouses and was flying about 20 storeys high up. The object was dark in colour and was sheild shape with 2 cylinders on either side, it had 4 amber glowing lights on it, 3 on top and 1 on the bottom.

Woman tells of Wheathampstead UFO sighting

Her statement read: “At first I thought it was a helicopter search light. It was low on the horizon, beneath the flight of planes. The sky was quite busy with planes at the time.