UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

UFO Sighting San Antonio Texas, Mar 3rd 2012

UFO Sighting San Antonio Texas, Mar 3rd 2012

UFO’s Creating Crop Circle in Wiltshire, UK

Filmed in Wiltshire, Uk. This video shows what appears to be a group of three or four UFO’s manifesting and creating a crop circle. Very nice video. Whether the object are actually creating a crop circle or not, these craft are definitely something I myself have no explanation for.

UFO, Wiltshire UK 30/03/2012

Chasing UFO is my hobby and Iv’e experienced this most unusual event.
Last week we had grate weather in UK and using this opportunity I decided to camp and skywatch for a few days in Wiltshire.

UFO over Mallorca, Spain – April 11, 2012

Another super fast UFO was caught on camera over the Island of Mallorca / Majorca near Alcúdia in Spain on April 11, 2012. German tourists filmed an aircraft while another super fast flying object passed. What do you think? Is that just a jet fighter?

UFO Russia April 13, 2012

UFO Mass Sightings Worldwide: What Is Going On?

UFO Mass Sightings Worldwide: What Is Going On? The increase was first observed by media last year, when thousands of Norwegians witnessed a strange spiralling light in the sky, which was also seen in Australia and Moscow, leaving scientists baffled. Chinese airports have been …

UFO activity over Ontario, Canada 23-Feb-2012

his video of unknown flashing objects in the night sky above Ontario in Canada was recorded on Thursday, 23rd February 2012. Witness report: This presentation is based on a personal sighting I was able to record on the morning of Feb. 23, 2012.

AK Mufon report 03/30/12

In the morning hour of 0600 on this particular day, I drove back South to our UFO sightings area after I dropped off my fiance for work at a mine boat. Upon my arrival I parked in the first pull off to the South where we saw the two orange orbs/ufos in the earlier am around 0515. I sat there for a bit and decided to take pictures and videos of the Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks.

Red-Orange Orb, Lights in the sky, UFO over Burbank, WA. March 24, 2012

This came right over my house. It looked like a 8′-10′ glass ball with an ark welder in it putting off orange-red light. It was so bright that it was hard to stare at. It was only about 500′ off the ground and made no sound at all. It only moved at about 15 mph. I managed to get 5 min. of video of it moving away from me. I think I’m a believer now.