UK UFO video sighting – Ashton-Under-Lyne 6/1/16

Morphing Object appeared white/Silver in Colour and seemed to Flash was Moving quite Fast and Heading South East Towards The Hills and Towards Glossop and Sheffield Area.

UFO sighting – Hollydale Park, Southgate California 09/26/2015

This Formation of a Fleet of 12 Ufo’s was witnessed and documented on September 26th at 1pm Saturday for an L.A. Ufo Channel Event in Hollydale Park, Southgate California.

UFO sighting video – Big Ben, London 6th September 2015

I was shooting a time lapse movie. This is when you take a series of pictures i.e. one picture every one second for an hour or so and then you put the pictures into video editing software, speed them up and it makes a movie.

Im not 100% sure that this is a UFO but I do not recall seeing any aircraft at the time down there and Im not sure you can fly that close to big ben. You be the judge though. I would like an answer.

UFO sighting and video – Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, United States 4/10/15

on 4-10-15 on lake tahoe by the gondola skyride at 6:00 pm i saw 7 lights in the sky that i film on youtube (ufo sightings on lake tahoe 2015)

UFO sighting video – Hampshire, January 25th 2015

Ufo stayed in the same position for about 20 mins and was gone when we went up the road to try and get a better view.

UFO sighting video – London 2015

This is the North Eastern Sky. This is showing the star that we have seen before at 1:00 with the satellite further up than before. I am proving that it is not a plane with Flightradar. This video is possibly not as visually exciting as the other ones I posted – but I am doing this one to show how what I have been seeing in all the other videos cannot all be planes.

Giant ‘being’ & UFO together on camera?

UK UFO sighting – Basildon, Essex 25th Jan 2014 – with video

Since my experience see Purfleet 10/10/13 i have seen many things in the night sky i cant explain but the main one that catches my eye for some time is i can only describe as a pulsating star

Triangular craft visible on Moon photographs

UK UFO sighting (with video) – Wakefield, West Yorkshire 29/12/13

The object came from the south and seamed to hover over the house, it was difficult to tell how high or what size this may have been but it made a distinctive sort of buzzing noise that was a constant tone, it was a rectangular shape and the top half was an intense bright green and lower half was bright red, it was breezy as you can hear in the video but the object was steady in the sky, the movement you can see is me moving my phone around as I was zooming in and out to try and get the best picture.