UFO Sightings in Wales

Listings of all reported UFO Sightings in Wales

UK UFO sighting – Cardiff, Wales 7/11/16

It was flying back and forth in a straight line extremely fast and then seemed to fly behind a tree but it had disappeared.i don’t study UFOS however this was 100% NOT an aeroplane a helicopter a firework a lazer etc. I was walking my dog and it actually freaked me out so badly my husband when I ran back in the house was concerned how afraid I was.

UK UFO sighting – Neath, South Wales 22/10/2016

I was sitting outside our back garden. The skies were beautifully clear. There were 2 Aeroplanes in the sky, but no-way near what we sighted. There were 3 orbs at a very high altitude, they seem at first to be in a triangle formation ducking in and out of each other. Then they seem to go in different directions briefly before what seemed to be follow the leader heading towards the Brecon Beacons. We watched them for what seemed ages but it was less than 5 minutes. There was no actual colour as the sun was deflecting making it seem they were silver. I know it seems mad but at first I thought they were birds weaving in and out until my husband said that it was far to high altitude.

UK UFO sighting – South Wales 20/6/16

…It was moving in a straight line and at a constant speed from east to west. It was flying very low, almost at eye level and there was absolutely no sound from it whatsoever! As it started to leave my vision, I ran upstairs to be able to see it again. …

UK UFO sighting – British Mountain, Talywain, Pontypool 15/3/14

I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a turqoise blue ball in the sky, over Talywain/Pentwyn area…

UK UFO sighting – New Quay, Ceredigion 20/1/14

Walking down towards the quay monday night about 5-ish saw a weird orange globe over the sea close to the horizon . thought it was a boat or maybe a star or somthing but it then moved north toward aber so think it could have been a UFO. Anyone else saw this ?

UK UFO sighting – Pencader, West Wales 1-4-13

i saw a bright orange light in the sky which i thought was a star burning up or some kind of aircraft on fire, but then it turned to a blue then green light then just disappeared. surreal really .