UFO Sightings in Scotland

Listings of all reported UFO Sightings in Scotland

UK UFO sighting – Dunnet Bay, Scotland 7/8/16

We think the object must have been much bigger than a large van size and quite high in the sky, and must say we still can’t explain what we saw, but know for sure it’s real and not a satellite , way to big for that , didn’t think I would ever see anything like this!

UK UFO sighting – Tain, Ross Shire 3/11/15

I noticed a blinking orange light, my first thought was obviously an aircraft of some kind, however the blinking was different to that of any kind of aircraft, it looked more like a lighthouse (it was definitely not the Tarbetness lighthouse as the light was too high and the wrong colour), just to the right of the blinking Orange light I noticed two smaller balls of light right next to one another, these were similar in colour to the other light, however they were completely solid and not blinking whatsoever.

UK UFO sighting – Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland 27th July 2015

…I was doing some tidying up and decided to look at my pics before calling it a night when i noticed the two unidentified objects in the background. Then i checked all the pics to see if they were in them all and if they were in the same place in each one, which they were and could tell by a lamp post that they had moved…

UK UFO sighting – Lochside, Dumfries, Scotland 5th nov 2013

I was sitting in my car at mcdonald’s then suddenly I saw with my own naked eye two objects in colour orange/yellow the objects were traveling at about 60-140mph…

UK UFO sighting – Clydebank 11/11/12

..four lights in sky above church, moving around, getting dark..

UK UFO sighting – East coast Scotland 10th Sept 2014

Very large white oval object hovering approximately 150 ft above the ground at a distance of 1/4 mile.
Slowly rotating with tiny markings on the side…

UK UFO sighting – Dumfries 25/12/2013

I happened to look out of the window of a flat which overlooked a darkened Lane. It was Christmas evening and in the near distance I could see the outline of the Parish Church. I then saw an object slowly (about 5mph) ascending into the sky and disappearing over the roof of the property I was in…

UK UFO sighting – Dumfries & Galloway 5/12/13

driving and seen bright white light in sky, was sunny and clear skies but windy. It was stationary, i pulled over to take a better look, it had started moving left at this point. I took 2 photos before my battery died, and what i seen in pics shocked me! i was zoomed right in, and in both pics it looks the same, but in different positions in sky. It was 3 balls, grey and black in colour almost, in a triangular formation. Someone please tell me what it is! totally freaked me out!

UK UFO sighting – Glasgow 7/10/13

3 large orbs of lights in formation in a triangle, then moved away from each other slowly and joined again. Light from the orbs where slowly changing from red to orange. Never in my life has there ever been anything like this in this area

UK UFO sighting – Lairg, Sutherland, 21st Sept 2013

Big orange glow coming from the West. It stood out because it was so unusual and it was a perfect shape so I ruled out and atmospheric thing, I got my wife to come and look and we went in the garden, it was still coming from the West slowly descending then changed course heading North and rising, went into the distance but didn’t fade into a dot, it was there one minute then gone the next just like someone turning out a light, also no sound could be heard totally silent.