UFO Sightings in England

Listings of all reported UFO Sightings in England

UK UFO sighting – Portsmouth 11/06/2016

Was cooling of in yard when I caught I quick bright light in the corner of my eye looked again and saw a green circular object moving extremely fast backwards and forwards round and round above the clouds but when clouds moved over object disappeared this went on for 15 minutes then to my shock another identical object appeared in clouds and looked to be combining movements with first object all the time the night was completely silent no noise nothing…

UK UFO sighting – Salisbury 8/06/16

…We were stood in the council grounds of the city centre. Shortly after watching a satellite orbit, myself and a friend then saw what we thought to begin with was another satellite. it came into view and got brighter on the same vector as the previous satellite. however it started to get bigger and brighter. so much so that it was brighter than Saturn (or Jupiter or Mars or whatever planet or star it was which it flew past)….

UK UFO sighting – Portsmouth 05/06/16

Observing the ISS last night I noticed a red light pass behind from right to left in a northerly direction as I focussed my eyes on the red light thinking it was a satellite to my amazement I saw it was part of a group of lights, 4 in all, triangular, with 1 light running left and right on the bottom of the triangle, compared to the ISS this triangle was massive! It moved at the same relative speed and was also silent. Interestingly the ISS camera’s were offline when I checked as soon as I got in the house! The ISS passes over my house twice tonight, visability was clear directly above but around lower near houses a heat haze which reflected street lighting, you can be sure I will be out tonight!

UK UFO sighting – Durham 08/05/16

…totally random jerky movements of a green/white point of light but always within the same region of the sky. When you stared at it for long enough it was almost as if tiny points of light were going towards and away from it…

UK UFO sighting – Cheadle Hulme 8/5/16

Bright light visible to naked eye with various flashes seeming to be green and white. The object moved rapidly back and forth in a zig zag motion always returning to the same position.

UK UFO sighting – Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, 31st March 2016

Silver-white pinprick light in night sky, approx 30 degrees above horizon. Resembled a faint star, but repeatedly exploded outward from and around the stationary central point, within a small flat vertical circle. Seemingly random pattern and visible to the naked eye despite being so small and faint. Lasted approx 10 minutes from first sighting. Disappeared suddenly. Too high up/stationary/prolonged to have been the usual suspects.

UK UFO sighting – Bolton, August 2015

…These silver objects were glistening very brightly as if the light was reflecting off them. Both went into a cloud, one never came out but I got pictures of the one that did. It looks all the world like a piece of foil floating but it wasn’t…

UK UFO sighting – Clacton on Sea 22/03/16

A bright orange orb appeared in the sky. It looked like it split into two smaller lights then came back again it’s speed was variable. It was silent moved more quickly then disappeared.

UK UFO sighting – M6 between Penrith and Shap 9/3/16

…seemed to pause/suspend 40 feet off the ground (beside the northbound, to my right) at a peculiar angle. There were at least four lights on the object, I think, one underneath, and lights on the three distinct points. It’s shape was very similar to Taranis, it was triangular, but with three distinct points…

UK UFO sighting – Rowley Regis 24-02-2016

My mother called me saying she thinks that she sore a UFO, so I go up and opened the window. I looked out of the window and I saw a bright white light flashing x2 x1 then a red light stayed on a bit, then turned to green, just kept on doing that. Also it kept on moving around slowly and then it was above the M5 for ages about 15 mins just moving left to right, I didn’t hear no noise. It seemed really low, so it can’t be a airplane. If it was a helicopter you would be able to hear it and I day hear nothing, so I think it’s a UFO and it look a weird shape. The white light on it looked like a flash light, so bright. Then it was heading towards Birmingham way, I would post a video but it’s on mothers phone.