UFO Sightings in England

Listings of all reported UFO Sightings in England

UK UFO sighting – Maldon, Essex 26/3/17

At around 21.30 tonight high in the western sky I saw a static red light in the sky, I watched it for 3-4 minutes it then turned green. It again did not move for 1-2 minutes then disappeared, it didn’t move away it was just gone. I called my husband over and he too saw it. I am completely baffled! The light/s were very bright and solid and appeared to be extremely close or a strip of light. It then simply vanished.

UK UFO sighting – A303, Thruxton 21/03/2017

…in the distance up high I could see helicopters ahead and slight to left of me; then, suddenly much higher in the sky a huge (about same as 4 helicopters together – given the distance it was from the helicopters) opaque white oval shape heading downwards SO quickly with the end of the oval pointing towards ground…

UK UFO sighting – Ardleigh Green, London 1995-1996

as I neared the lights at Ardleigh Green there was a very bright flash of light in the, it was so bright it instantly made me look up even though I was driving. As I looked up I saw an enormous object hovering above the ground, probably about 500 feet or so up, It was very very large and appeared to be roughly diamond shaped with very bright lights making out the rough shape of it.

UK UFO sighting – Cofton Park, Birmingham 06/08/2016

I was looking out of my window on Lickey Road and above Cofton Park there were 3 orange orbs parallel to each other. They merged into one and appeared motionless for seconds and then disappeared. Also last year I forget the exact date but it was in February and around midnight. Level too my first floor window I saw what appeared too an oval shape no bigger than a football hovering outside my window. It was glowing purple too pink and then purple again. It looked fluid like and I was shaken by seeing this. I watched it fly slowly down Lickey Road and as it was above the garden nursery it flew back up towards my home and disappeared over the Lickey Hills behind the Hare and Hounds public house.

UK UFO sighting – Wickford, Essex 5th November 2016

A red dot with a red glow around it. It was in the sky above the horizon. It was going incredibly fast, but it was in the distance and I couldn’t get a clear view of it. It seemed much faster than a plane, but it made no noise and was dead silent. Suddenly. It vanished from view in the distance as if it faded.

UK UFO sighting – M6 Penrith, Shap, Carlisle 1st nov 2016

Me & workmate driving home tonite, when we spotted a black triangular object up in sky about 500 feet off ground to left of our van crossed right in front of us no noise 2- small purple lights & 1- white light. Dont know what it was not plane or helicopter? We were looking up sky about 15- minutes later when it crossed over again slightly in front of us. Was moving fast – again no noise i opened van window to listen for an engine, jet, propeller noises- was absolutely silent once it cut across it did a sharp turn alongside trees – no plane could do this then dissapeared above the trees. We could not believe what we were seeing????

UK UFO sighting – Northamptonshire, 23 September 2016

Out in backgarden, with my son and granddaughters, we were setting up Telecope, my son first saw it like a moving star, because it looked like a star shiny silvery yelowy, zoomed from south to east, as he was looking in the lens, we all observed it,moving in different directions, there were no other lights on it. It was high up in the sky.
It was moving faster than a plane.

UK UFO sighting – Rayleigh, Essex, August 2014

Large orange ORB (Light) moving slowly across the sky, Large object and silent. Moving from South to North.

UK UFO sighting – Fittleworth, Pulborough, West Sussex 03/09/2016

Took my dogs out before heading to bed. Dark cloudy night, no moon. Rural area, so no light pollution or nearby light sources. Looked to the east and realised there was a column or shaft of milky misty light, with clearly defined edges, rising from the valley floor to the clouds above. The column was approx 400 metres from me. I estimate the diameter of the shaft to be 20-30 metres. I ran and got my wife to come and witness it as well. We watched it together for approx five minutes, then the shaft appeared to dissipate from the clouds in a downwards direction. Eventually all that was left was a mass of white mist in the field on the valley floor.

UK UFO sighting – Cannock Chase 28/8/2016

Same as others thought it was a satalite extreamly high to behonest id say in orbit, orange star light moving at a steady speed until it slowed and then rapidly changed course and shot away like a bullet