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New UFO Group being formed in South Devon

TUFOG plan to hold regular meetings and Sky Watches, with the long term aim of taking up the mantle of the Cornwall UFO Research Group in holding seminars or an annual conference. Pete Mc.Guffin said, ‘We hope our meetings will be both lively and interesting, sharing material and eventually inviting guest speakings. I would one day also like to see a UFO conference held in South Devon’.

Submit your UFO sighting!

Have you witnessed, photographed or videoed any UFO activity in your area? If so please visit this page to submit your UFO sightings and we’ll publish all genuine entries.

Pennsylvania witnesses videotape ‘two glowing red orbs’ hovering over field

Two Pennsylvania witnesses at Feasterville reported watching and videotaping “two glowing red orbs hovering over a field,” according to October 8, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The two friends were in a backyard talking when the two objects were first noticed “below normal plane level in the middle of the open sky.”

“When I first saw the objects I had no idea what they might be or how to describe them besides a brilliantly glowing set of red/orange orbs,” the reporting witness stated. “My friend who was with me has a bit of a science background and about a minute into the event he began speculating that we could be looking at some sort of plasma.”

UFO Disclosure 2012, UK Government

The UK Government has released a selection of files from 1965 to 2008. They make for interested reading but they are not the entire archives.
View the files in PDF here:

UFO Mass Sightings Worldwide: What Is Going On?

UFO Mass Sightings Worldwide: What Is Going On? The increase was first observed by media last year, when thousands of Norwegians witnessed a strange spiralling light in the sky, which was also seen in Australia and Moscow, leaving scientists baffled. Chinese airports have been …

UFO group to probe ET claims

“THERE are thousands of planets in the Universe, who knows what life forms are out there?” The words of Darren Perks, a renowned UFO expert who has been studying the skies ever since he witnessed a strange craft above his house in Shrewsbury when h…