Welsh UFO sightings in latest release of Ministry of Defence files

The latest release of Ministry of Defence files detailing UFO sightings around Wales include a close encounter involving the South Wales Police helicopter.

UFO Sighting In Yemen

A Yemeni photographer has captured what he believes to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) over a mountainous area in northern Yemen.

Aseel Badiyan’s picture shows a white triangular, object soaring through the clouds, reported UAE based Emirates 24/7 last Thursday.

UFO photo caught during wave of Scottish sightings

BERWICKSHIRE has seen an influx of mysterious visitors in the past week, with several residents reporting UFO-like objects.

UFO-like object snapped from Sullom Voe oil terminal in Shetland

AN OIL worker snapped an incredible picture of what looks for all the world like a UFO in the skies over the Sullom Voe oil terminal in Shetland.

Listeners ponder UFO in Isle of Man skies

Residents around the Island who saw a strange light in the sky on Wednesday night are still searching for an explanation.

Drivers and walkers from Andreas in the north to Port St Mary in the south have told Manx Radio they saw a bright green light at around 9pm but the met office at Ronaldsway cannot provide any weather-related reason for its appearance.

Great Lakes Triangle – Entity shoots across Toronto

Toronto is at the edge of an area that some UFOlogists have been dubbed by Jay Gorlay as the “Great Lakes Triangle”. This area has been documented to have usual UFO sightings that some researchers have linked to an underground alien base [watch above video].

Florida orbs caught on tape

The strange and unexplained filled the skies over Cape Coral this weekend. Some viewers wrote in and even shared video of bizzarre lights. They called the sightings UFOs.

UFO sighting in Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Paihia man Rob Clarke has no time for theories about little green men and swears the strongest thing he drank was a cup of tea – but he’s stumped by the lights he saw travelling across the sky on Sunday night.

Mr Clarke went outside his Te Haumi home about 9.40pm to see if rain was coming. Instead he saw a pair of lights travelling slowly across a clear sky from south to north, starting in the direction of Opua and disappearing some three to five minutes later over the hill towards Russell.

Black triangle-shaped objects’ reported by several witnesses in Michigan

Several witnesses reported seeing “black triangle-shaped objects.” In California, a witness illustrated what he and his grandmother witnessed one strange night on the road.

“You could actually see the triangle shape of the object,” witness David Levy was quoted saying.

Cylindrical entity hovers over Arizona dump

What did a witness see and report to the Mutual UFO Network database on 15 January 2013? The sighting took place in Casa Grande, Arizona. The witness reported a cylindrical shaped object or entity that has been associated with the alien spacecraft of the genetically engineered descendants of dinosaurs.