Famous UFO Sightings: The Kenneth Arnold Case

The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting is one of the most monumental UFO sightings in history. The sighting was the first report of “flying saucers” as we know them today. What happened that day would forever put Kenneth Arnold in the books of UFO History.

Winston Churchill and the World War Two UFO Cover-Up

Recent disclosed archived documents from the UK government reveal that both Churchill and Eisenhower met in secret to discuss an incident between a RAF plane, and an unidentified flying object (UFO) – during the Second World War. What happened over the skies of wartime Europe, which led to a secret meeting between Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower, and an eventual UFO cover up?

Two Different Views Of The Visitors

Hawking suggests that each galaxy contains hundreds of millions of stars and planets. In such an immense space, it is highly unlikely and indeed, illogical, to expect that Earth is the only planet to hold life.

The UFO Dilemma: Disclosure vs cover-up

Why is the government not allowing official disclosure to the UFO phenomenon? Why is this the right question? Because countless, possibly thousands of UFOs are blatantly being seen everywhere in our skies across the world. But the government doesn’t acknowledge it, and furthermore, it suppresses such reports.

Pilots and UFOs: Death in the skies

The phrase “unidentified flying objects” suggests that UFOs have an affinity with our terrestrial pilots – both fly and share our airspace. Thus, terrestrial pilots should have seen and reported a goodly proportion of UFO events.