AURA UFO Seminar May 19th 2012

Tiffins on the Park, 176 Greenhill Road, Unley. South Australia. Andrew Arnold’s (Victorian UFO Action) presentation will feature his group’s recent excellent research on the famous 1978 Frederick Valentich disappearance. In addition he will speak about the VUFOA’s aims, mission and what they have to offer, including the only YouTube UFO show made in Australia . He will also cover current Victorian UFO cases, and explore the question “UFOs – what are they, and are they extraterrestrial?”

UFO’s Creating Crop Circle in Wiltshire, UK

Filmed in Wiltshire, Uk. This video shows what appears to be a group of three or four UFO’s manifesting and creating a crop circle. Very nice video. Whether the object are actually creating a crop circle or not, these craft are definitely something I myself have no explanation for.

UFO, Wiltshire UK 30/03/2012

Chasing UFO is my hobby and Iv’e experienced this most unusual event.
Last week we had grate weather in UK and using this opportunity I decided to camp and skywatch for a few days in Wiltshire.

Two Different Views Of The Visitors

Hawking suggests that each galaxy contains hundreds of millions of stars and planets. In such an immense space, it is highly unlikely and indeed, illogical, to expect that Earth is the only planet to hold life.

UK UFO sighting – Colnbrook, Middlesex, UK 22/04/12

I was leaving a mate’s house in the early morning and I was sitting in my car when I saw a strange object and lights in the sky. I got out of my car straight away and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The object was about the sizes of 2/3 townhouses and was flying about 20 storeys high up. The object was dark in colour and was sheild shape with 2 cylinders on either side, it had 4 amber glowing lights on it, 3 on top and 1 on the bottom.

The UFO Dilemma: Disclosure vs cover-up

Why is the government not allowing official disclosure to the UFO phenomenon? Why is this the right question? Because countless, possibly thousands of UFOs are blatantly being seen everywhere in our skies across the world. But the government doesn’t acknowledge it, and furthermore, it suppresses such reports.

Pilots and UFOs: Death in the skies

The phrase “unidentified flying objects” suggests that UFOs have an affinity with our terrestrial pilots – both fly and share our airspace. Thus, terrestrial pilots should have seen and reported a goodly proportion of UFO events.

UFO over Mallorca, Spain – April 11, 2012

Another super fast UFO was caught on camera over the Island of Mallorca / Majorca near Alcúdia in Spain on April 11, 2012. German tourists filmed an aircraft while another super fast flying object passed. What do you think? Is that just a jet fighter?

UFO Russia April 13, 2012