UK UFO sighting – Wallasey 17/7/16

…Bright white light flew in a straight line, leaving light behind as it flew in a sraight line, too low to be a star. Flew low about 70 miles an hour, seen it flying for about a mile, then disappeared. Very bizarre …

UK UFO sighting – Kingston upon Hull 13/7/16

…this thing must of been moving cos the spots are in diffrent formations in each photo plus it even looks like it tries hiding in the clouds in a couple as if it knows im taking pictures really strange and weird and definetly not any sort of lens flare or anything…..

UK UFO sighting – Walsall 5th July 2016

..I’m not sure what it was but it was going almost vertical in the air which I thought was odd for a plane. If it was a fighter jet I thought I would hear it but I heard nothing. It then disappeared. 5 mins later it came again and went in the opposite direction. Then the 3rd time it went again in another direction. Never seen it before and I look out that window all the time as I work from there….

UK UFO sighting – Pleck, Walsall, West Midlands 24/6/16

…I was gazing up at the sky when ive seen What appeard to be a small Orange star like thing moving in the sky. I said to my daughter in law whats that in the sky. As we are both looking up this object in the sky was now at tremendous speed flying through the sky is getting biger and closer to us..

UK UFO sighting – South Wales 20/6/16

…It was moving in a straight line and at a constant speed from east to west. It was flying very low, almost at eye level and there was absolutely no sound from it whatsoever! As it started to leave my vision, I ran upstairs to be able to see it again. …

UK UFO sighting – Thirsk 25/05/2016

It was May 2016, I saw what I first thought a satellite travelling across the sky at a constant speed, then after several minutes it stopped veered to the left then went back on track and the speed of the object appeared to treble.
I did not know of this link and relieved that others have seen some unusual occurrences in the night sky in recent times.

UK UFO sighting – Portsmouth 11/06/2016

Was cooling of in yard when I caught I quick bright light in the corner of my eye looked again and saw a green circular object moving extremely fast backwards and forwards round and round above the clouds but when clouds moved over object disappeared this went on for 15 minutes then to my shock another identical object appeared in clouds and looked to be combining movements with first object all the time the night was completely silent no noise nothing…

UK UFO sighting – Salisbury 8/06/16

…We were stood in the council grounds of the city centre. Shortly after watching a satellite orbit, myself and a friend then saw what we thought to begin with was another satellite. it came into view and got brighter on the same vector as the previous satellite. however it started to get bigger and brighter. so much so that it was brighter than Saturn (or Jupiter or Mars or whatever planet or star it was which it flew past)….

UK UFO sighting – Portsmouth 05/06/16

Observing the ISS last night I noticed a red light pass behind from right to left in a northerly direction as I focussed my eyes on the red light thinking it was a satellite to my amazement I saw it was part of a group of lights, 4 in all, triangular, with 1 light running left and right on the bottom of the triangle, compared to the ISS this triangle was massive! It moved at the same relative speed and was also silent. Interestingly the ISS camera’s were offline when I checked as soon as I got in the house! The ISS passes over my house twice tonight, visability was clear directly above but around lower near houses a heat haze which reflected street lighting, you can be sure I will be out tonight!

UK UFO sighting – Durham 08/05/16

…totally random jerky movements of a green/white point of light but always within the same region of the sky. When you stared at it for long enough it was almost as if tiny points of light were going towards and away from it…