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UK UFO sighting – Cannock Chase 28/8/2016

Same as others thought it was a satalite extreamly high to behonest id say in orbit, orange star light moving at a steady speed until it slowed and then rapidly changed course and shot away like a bullet

UK UFO sighting – Hove, Brighton 15/8/2016

Saw a plane from the weekends airshow fly over from eastbourne side going over to southwick. When my vision was attracted to something sparkling above it. The plane continued to fly off but the object was still tracking through the air. Rather slowly so could have been a silver balloon reflecting light… but it wasnt ascending. It maintained the same height going across to the sea. (From inland) disappearing every now and then as though it were only reflecting as a silver balloon would.

UK UFO sighting – Gloucester, 07/08/2016

Bright white bar of light. Blurred and elongated triangular shape which split into two; smaller circular light emerged and main light dimmed and reduced in size as this occurred. Both lights then merged again and slowly dimmed to extinction. Very large area of light seemingly over Wales.