Archives for June 2016

UK UFO sighting – Salisbury 8/06/16

…We were stood in the council grounds of the city centre. Shortly after watching a satellite orbit, myself and a friend then saw what we thought to begin with was another satellite. it came into view and got brighter on the same vector as the previous satellite. however it started to get bigger and brighter. so much so that it was brighter than Saturn (or Jupiter or Mars or whatever planet or star it was which it flew past)….

UK UFO sighting – Portsmouth 05/06/16

Observing the ISS last night I noticed a red light pass behind from right to left in a northerly direction as I focussed my eyes on the red light thinking it was a satellite to my amazement I saw it was part of a group of lights, 4 in all, triangular, with 1 light running left and right on the bottom of the triangle, compared to the ISS this triangle was massive! It moved at the same relative speed and was also silent. Interestingly the ISS camera’s were offline when I checked as soon as I got in the house! The ISS passes over my house twice tonight, visability was clear directly above but around lower near houses a heat haze which reflected street lighting, you can be sure I will be out tonight!

UK UFO sighting – Durham 08/05/16

…totally random jerky movements of a green/white point of light but always within the same region of the sky. When you stared at it for long enough it was almost as if tiny points of light were going towards and away from it…