Archives for March 2016

UK UFO sighting – Bolton, August 2015

…These silver objects were glistening very brightly as if the light was reflecting off them. Both went into a cloud, one never came out but I got pictures of the one that did. It looks all the world like a piece of foil floating but it wasn’t…

UK UFO sighting – Clacton on Sea 22/03/16

A bright orange orb appeared in the sky. It looked like it split into two smaller lights then came back again it’s speed was variable. It was silent moved more quickly then disappeared.

UK UFO sighting – M6 between Penrith and Shap 9/3/16

…seemed to pause/suspend 40 feet off the ground (beside the northbound, to my right) at a peculiar angle. There were at least four lights on the object, I think, one underneath, and lights on the three distinct points. It’s shape was very similar to Taranis, it was triangular, but with three distinct points…