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UK UFO sighting – Rowley Regis 24-02-2016

My mother called me saying she thinks that she sore a UFO, so I go up and opened the window. I looked out of the window and I saw a bright white light flashing x2 x1 then a red light stayed on a bit, then turned to green, just kept on doing that. Also it kept on moving around slowly and then it was above the M5 for ages about 15 mins just moving left to right, I didn’t hear no noise. It seemed really low, so it can’t be a airplane. If it was a helicopter you would be able to hear it and I day hear nothing, so I think it’s a UFO and it look a weird shape. The white light on it looked like a flash light, so bright. Then it was heading towards Birmingham way, I would post a video but it’s on mothers phone.

UK UFO sighting – Bucks Mills, North Devon 29-07-2013

I was on the beach exploring the rock pools with my son, I took some pictures with my phone and on returning home i noticed an object in the sky on one particular photo. I though it strange but recently i saw similar images online from other people with photos of orbs or spheres so thought i should report my picture.

UK UFO sighting – Rickmansworth, Herts 31/01/16

I was in the garden with my poorly dog when I saw a bright white/yellowish light in the sky above me, darting around the sky very quickly. Spotlight-sized but moving too fast… have just seen this website and completely agree with the description that “Richard, Watford” has given…. any explanation on this strange light greatly appreciated! It was there for a good 20 minutes at least.

UK UFO sighting – Gorton, Manchester 11/2/2016

…I saw an object, lit up, hovering in the sky. It appeared as 2 red dots with a green line below. It is difficult to say how high it was but i would say about the same height aircraft appear to be when coming in to land…

UK UFO sighting – Cheslyn Hay 02/01/2016

Saw exactly the same; my partner and I x 3 of them flying in transit one way and then back the next they were almost off parallel then came back cigar tube shaped low n slow very large

UK UFO sighting – Hull 04/02/2016

…saw a bright light getting dimmer and then brighter again. It was moving slowly and then just stopping static and then moving slowly again around in circles and back and forth. It did this for about a good 20 minutes…

UK UFO sighting – Watford 31/1/16

I went into the balcony and looked up and saw a light moving really fast left to right, thought it was weird then looked up similar reports and think it was a ufo or alien activity. It’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen, it lasted for about 30 minutes then just disappeard. It was a bright white light looked similar to a spot light but was too quick.

UK UFO sighting – Colchester, Essex 7/1/16

I had taken my dog out to the garden and was looking up at the sky as it was so clear and full of stars. I noticed a dark triangle shape flying over the house opposite, there was no sound or lights even though it was flying at speed. It was darker than the sky and I saw it very clearly. Been puzzled by it since.

UK UFO sighting – Willenhall 20th Jan 2016

The three lights were all continuing to move slowly eastwards (probably north eastwards actually, and I’d say it would’ve been in the Frank F school area) as if connected, but I could see no actual body connecting them against the black sky.

UK UFO sighting – Great Torrington, Devon 8th Jan 2016

I had woken up and was looking out of the window . I could see a bright light in the sky and didn’t know what it was . It wasn’t moving but it seemed to have small lights around it that we’re spinning ..