Archives for January 2016

UK UFO sighting – Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire 12/1/16

low flying long shaped craft brightly light up and clearly visible definitely not an aeroplane or an helicopter as it had no wings and was moving in unusual pattern at fair speed it disappeared into clouds…

UK UFO video sighting – Ashton-Under-Lyne 6/1/16

Morphing Object appeared white/Silver in Colour and seemed to Flash was Moving quite Fast and Heading South East Towards The Hills and Towards Glossop and Sheffield Area.

UK UFO sighting (with photo) – Exeter, Devon 31/12/15

I was walking my dog down a hill in Alphington when I noticed a very bright lighted strange object hovering in the near distance. It was too low for a plane, too big and bright for a drone and it wasn’t a helicopter.

UK UFO sighting – Colchester, Essex 05/01/16

Sitting out in garden looking at the stars as usual and we saw two round objects glide past each other in opposite directions, flying very slowly. Now we see many planes in Colchester but they have flashing lights. These objects were definitely not planes or satellites.

UK UFO sighting – Dunstable, Bedfordshire 3/1/2016

I saw a strange light in the sky. It was orangey red and was travelling South to North as far as I could judge. Difficult to estimate height as it was dark. Maybe around 5000 feet. It was travelling quite fast but there was no noise…

New UFO Group being formed in South Devon

TUFOG plan to hold regular meetings and Sky Watches, with the long term aim of taking up the mantle of the Cornwall UFO Research Group in holding seminars or an annual conference. Pete Mc.Guffin said, ‘We hope our meetings will be both lively and interesting, sharing material and eventually inviting guest speakings. I would one day also like to see a UFO conference held in South Devon’.

UK UFO sighting – Newark, Nottinghamshire 29/12/15

was driving back from the cinema with my boyfriend, coming off the big roundabout heading towards farndon, when we saw three lights in the sky, all flashing at separate times…

UK UFO sighting – Kingsbury, Tamworth 21/12/2015

Looked up at the night sky few clouds was amazed to see what looked like a bright object moving side to side in the cloud it would stop then start moving side to side as though it was scanning this lasted around 30 minutes and dissapered! Never seen anything like this before