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UK UFO sighting – Leeds 19th July 1998

Intermittent bright light 10 feet from bedroom window going left to right slowly jumped out of bed then saw very bright red circular disc looked round like on fire it reminded me of a Catherine wheel rotating clockwise…

UK UFO sighting – Forthampton, Gloucestershire 24/11/15

I saw what looked like a plane at first, lit up, travelling from the direction of the setting sun, (roughly above upton or beyond) left to right from where i was watching. I took my smart phone and photographed and filmed the object which was quite bright and looked like it had two main white lights.

UK UFO sighting – Lincolnshire 25/11/15

walking down country road, full moon, 100% visibility, saw many flashing items around the sky, they seemed to be circling, some with no lights – just an occasional flash and some which were actually just hovering for the longest time before moving. the larger ones looked like a triangle from underneath, the triangle being formed of three to four red lights, two very bright flashing lights like a camera flash and followed no particular path.

UK UFO sighting – Eastbourne 23/11/2015

I noticed a massive light in the sky. It was way to big to even think it was a plane. It was moving very slowly horizontally across the sky it was glowing rather than flashing. It come to a stop and just hovered a little while and then within a click of your fingers it was gone just like see you later and just shot of in the dark sky.

UK UFO sighting – St Albans, Herts 18/11/15

I looked south towards North London I saw a very bright light in the sky which at first thought was an aeroplane or maybe a satellite but then I realised it wasn’t moving it sat there for around 5 minutes not moving. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was really seeing this and then it moved in an unusual way darting from one point to another as if it were watching something