Archives for November 2015

UFO sighting – Hollydale Park, Southgate California 09/26/2015

This Formation of a Fleet of 12 Ufo’s was witnessed and documented on September 26th at 1pm Saturday for an L.A. Ufo Channel Event in Hollydale Park, Southgate California.

UK UFO sighting – West London 7/11/2015

I looked out of my window and saw what at first i thought was a bird, then I noticed it didn’t have wings, it was a star shaped UFO. It began to fly towards central london.

UK UFO sighting – Tain, Ross Shire 3/11/15

I noticed a blinking orange light, my first thought was obviously an aircraft of some kind, however the blinking was different to that of any kind of aircraft, it looked more like a lighthouse (it was definitely not the Tarbetness lighthouse as the light was too high and the wrong colour), just to the right of the blinking Orange light I noticed two smaller balls of light right next to one another, these were similar in colour to the other light, however they were completely solid and not blinking whatsoever.

UK UFO sighting – Nottingham 29/09/2015

…saw an object very bright sort of white and purple. just jumped across the sky ! Ive never seen anything like it in my life. definitely wasn’t a plane or helicopter or firework or drone….

UK UFO sighting – Liverpool 25/10/2015

Looked like a meteor shower but three anomalies happened. One moved up then down and left to right at a super high speed. Changed colour from white to green to blue. Changed shape from oblong to circle to oval. Had a spider/star shape halo. I have over 8 videos and 20 images to prove this

UK UFO sighting – Whitstable, Kent 19/10/15 was mainly red in colour and round but not perfectly round it had uneven flared edges to it. We lost sight of it as we passed the first houses we live a little further down the road so as soon as we stopped I found my binoculars went out the back to look for it but there was no sign…