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UK UFO sighting – St Columb Minor, Cornwall 27/9/15

Having got up to get ready for work, went into back garden looked up at the clear night sky and noticed an aeroplane passing by towards the st Austell area. some distance behind the plane I saw what I thought was a satalite. this suddenly accelerated to catch up with the plane, as it did so it flew along side the plane and followed the same flight path until out of sight. The aeroplane had a flashing light on it`s left wing the ufo had no flashing lights. There was know sound from either craft.

UK UFO sighting – Ashton-in-Makerfield 11/10/15

As I got into bed a white light went past the window at high speed with no noise, I have never seen anything like it before and I could not say how high it was, my wife suggested that it could have been a bird but it would have to have been lit up from underneath. It was completely silent.

UK UFO sighting – Stoke-on-Trent – 30/9/2015

…as i turned around right above my head was a triangle craft with 3 lights on the corners and a circular light in the middle i could also make out what appeared to be mayan markings on the underside the craft was very low and not moving very fast the first craft which looked man made when it passed over seemed to be following the ufo…

UK UFO sighting – Walsall, West Midlands – 1/10/15

i witnessed the flying triangle it was in view for about 3 to 4 sec it was traveling in the direction from my house uk willenhall to bilston as the crow flies the lights where dull but visible and the space between looked like the same colour as the night sky so it looked transparent could not say how big it was but it was silent and was closer than a normal aircraft…

UK UFO sighting – Constantine Bay, Cornwall 27/09/2015

I heard what sounded like a helicopter outside, i looked out the window to see around 10-12 what looked like white lights hovering in the sky, in circular motions. Tried to take a picture but the sky was too dark. They were there for around half an hour, noisy. The noise had stopped when the white lights had gone away.

UK UFO sighting – Sheffield 13-09-2015

I looked out the window and saw three diamond shaped little green lights in a vertical row, when i jumped up to look out of the window it was gone, never saw it “fly” off or shoot off, they just disappeared.