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UK UFO sighting – High Wycombe, 7th September

Witnessed 3 lights (about the same brightness as stars) in a large triangle moving quickly and silently in the sky in front of my house as I was looking at it from the end of the back garden. Seemed to be pretty low. It appeared to bank while climbing before the ligts dimmed and it was gone. Didn’t realise what I saw until it was over.

UFO sighting video – Big Ben, London 6th September 2015

I was shooting a time lapse movie. This is when you take a series of pictures i.e. one picture every one second for an hour or so and then you put the pictures into video editing software, speed them up and it makes a movie.

Im not 100% sure that this is a UFO but I do not recall seeing any aircraft at the time down there and Im not sure you can fly that close to big ben. You be the judge though. I would like an answer.

UK UFO sighting – Hertford 9 August 2015

…I thought it was a passenger plane with its landing lights on as I get planes flying over for Stansted airport, I noticed that it was on a curved flight path to the east and it was travelling about the speed of a small aircraft and as it got near to me I could not hear any engine noise, then I heard a large passenger jet coming from the south but to my left and it cut across the flight path of this bright light and I estimated its size by this and thought it was approx. 15 foot across and it was like a very bright star …

UK UFO sighting – Eastbourne, East Sussex 1/8/2015

Above the houses on Elms Avenu I noticed a red, light flashing in the sky, as I focused on it harder, I could see white and blue lights flickering as well. At first it was the red lights that made me thinks ‘toy helicopter’ or plane, as it was flashing just like a plane does in the night sky.

UK UFO sighting – Wacton, Norfolk 10/08/2015

Me and a friend were out walking the other night and saw a large bright white light, and I mean bright, in the sky, it was moving around in varying directions slowly and then the white light turned into a small red light, and went immensely fast out of sight! I’ve seen a few comments saying simular things, what’s going on?

UK UFO sighting – North London Sept 1993

…From our vehicle We saw two huge craft about 2000ft in the air. They were moving slowly southward. A minor accident caused the traffic to stop so we moved on to the hard shoulder and got out of the car… Several people did the same to look at the craft.

UK UFO sighting – West Yorkshire 12/08/2015

My partner and I witnessed the exact same episode last night while we were out looking for the meteor shower passing by.

We saw two, white lighted objects passing over at a great speed with no sounds, in a perfect straight line. They came from a southerly point, heading north, but were over to the east so could possibly be visible in Hull.

We presumed they were satellites but there could be more to it?