Archives for August 2015

UK UFO sighting – Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 25/7/15

…Me and My son was watching the fireworks go up at Clacton Pier from my flat which is on the top floor. when suddenly a Green Light orb appeared and moved slowly then quickly across the evening sky. it then paused and moved quickly back an forth and slowed down again….

UK UFO sighting – Hull 30/7/15

…..I noticed a white light moving. It was really really high up as the white light was just visible, there was no flashing around it and no noise at all. It was just moving through the sky. It looked like the light was getting smaller and smaller and then it just vanished out of sight…..

UK UFO sighting – Rushden, Northamptonshire 30/7/15

…I heard a humming noise getting louder and louder outside, by the time I walked around the bed to go to the window, I heard what I can only describe as a whooshing sound followed by an extremely bright flash of light…

UK UFO sighting – Wigan 25/7/15

…a bright fluorescent blue light burst into life an then hurtled towards earth, disappearing behind the houses! I waited for a crash or a rumble because I thought it was a comet…

UK UFO sighting – Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland 27th July 2015

…I was doing some tidying up and decided to look at my pics before calling it a night when i noticed the two unidentified objects in the background. Then i checked all the pics to see if they were in them all and if they were in the same place in each one, which they were and could tell by a lamp post that they had moved…