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UK UFO sighting – Pluckley, Kent 25/07/2015

I could not sleep so was fully alert at this time was looking at night sky through bedroom window which is next to my bed. I looked up to see the stars, however one of them was moving, it was very bright white moving west to East going directly over my house, there was no landing lights, no flashing it was very high up in the sky it was too big and bright to be a satellite as I have seen those before, also airplanes go over a lot and it did not look the same and there was no sound and there’s always sound when they go over, I have no explanation other than a UFO it was at I guess just a little higher than the jumbo jets fly, but no higher, again I’m sure it was not a plane it was just a brilliant light.

UK UFO sighting – Blackmore, Essex 7/7/15

A bright bright light sped across the sky in varying directions, a star appeared to glitch and move out of its way. There was then another bright light and it was all over. It was neither a shooting star or a plane, as it was one insanely bright light, no flashing lights, no other colours and it was rapid….

UK UFO sighting – Eastbourne, East Sussex 29/06/15

On way home spotted about 5-6 lights in the sky in the north west under cloud base some distance away, one was horizontal and flashing red and white and then pulsing white light along its edge, I managed to take a couple of pics and 2 videos and edited them up in size ,very strange, looked like a space ship and one was blue and kept changing vivid colours on video.

UK UFO sighting – Gants Hill, Essex 2/7/15

Strange pulsating red light crossing the moon in the east at some distance away, probably near Romford. It was around 5% the size of the moon, it did not seem like a plane as there wasn’t a blinking light or a white light – moved slowly northwards.