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UK UFO sighting – Witham, Essex 25/6/15

I was looking out my window at the morning sky when I saw a small light in the distance. I knew it wasn’t a star, because it was too light outside for them, and it was too bright and too big a light to be a plane or helicopter. Within the next 10 minutes, it gradually got closer to me in the sky. Eventually when it was almost right above me I could see it more clearly, it was flying extremely low, and was circular in shape. It was pitch black, but had a couple of flashing green and red light all around it. The area of sky around it was also distorted and hard to see. I don’t know if anyone else would have been awake at that point to have seen it.

UK UFO sighting – Shaftesbury, Dorset 27.06.15

Something skimmed over our car and we both thought it to be an owl. Then spotted it moving along the hedge-line and could see that it was an oval disc of light. We kept seeing it intermittently as we travelled the 2 miles to home. Moving very fast, mostly just under the low cloud base. Just as we neared our home some laser-like beams surrounded it. My husband wanted to stop and watch, but I was too scared and wanted to get indoors.

UFO sighting and video – Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, United States 4/10/15

on 4-10-15 on lake tahoe by the gondola skyride at 6:00 pm i saw 7 lights in the sky that i film on youtube (ufo sightings on lake tahoe 2015)

UK UFO sighting – Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex – April 2015

Whilst walking home a large fierce ball of flame slowly came towards me high in the sky
It then stopped and turned towards the coast and slowly disappeared. I assumed this to be a Chinese lantern of which I had heard sightings of, but I thought I would report it anyway. Took 5 to 10 minutes for the whole episode from the time I spotted it, came towards me from the direction of Clacton to burnham on crouch marshes. Mentioning it in case anybody else saw it.

UK UFO sighting – Colchester, Essex – September 2013

A stack formation of 6- 8 white orbs rotating around each other, appox @1oclock in the sky under clear blue sky .no sound no vapour trail ..After reaching for my smart phone I filmed , managed to capture two or more objects which broke formation? It was soon obvious that it was aware of me filming it..This location was near Fordham heath. .