Archives for April 2015

UK UFO sighting – Summerseat, Bury, Greater Manchester 26-04-2015

Bright objects far away as many as 12 objects at once flying in triangular formation with flashing red and green lights. Objects coming in closer then traveling further away.

UK UFO sighting – Billericay, Essex, March 2015

Driving home from work it was still daylight when I noticed what I assumed was a Chinese lantern floating in the distance directly in front of me. It was quite a way off and very high but clearly a Chinese lantern but I kept watching it as I thought it was odd to have let a Chinese lantern off during the day, on such a clear day too, then it changed from an orange/yellow flame colour to bright red in a flash then within a second of changing colour it shot off to my left covering a very long distance in a second and went behind a cloud which lit up red also. someone else must have seen this.. it was very likely between billericay and basildon.

UK UFO sighting – Cheltenham 29/3/2015

A really large 2-3 metre wide really dazzling bright blue orb gliding slowly down to the ground in the back of our fields on farm land. It made a strange loud humming noise and then disappeared to nothing. Our electric cut out on our farm and was off for 9 hours. Our electricity board said they had never ever heard of anything like this. So this is unexplained and very mysterious!

UK UFO sighting – Manchester, March 29 2015

A flying object with a shape of the letter ‘M’ was flying in Manchester from the north to the south. It was rotating with a speed of 1 rotation per second approximately. It toke around 2 minutes to cross the sky.