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UFO sighting – NH USA 03/12/2015

I was coming back from a hike and it was getting later than I wanted so I was moving up a hill pretty fast to get back to civilization when I saw a large circular object in the sky. It was probably about a half mile away and made no sound.

UK UFO sighting – Alford, Lincolnshire 20th March 2015

We were enjoying the spring sunshine when on looking up we noticed 2 RAF jets travelling west to east,we have the fighters every day and night and sometimes very low altitude,so frequently we hardly ever notice them but this time they had 8 objects keeping pace with them,very high and fast,the objects were moving about under them not in formation,no vapour trails like commercial traffic and this carried on until we lost sight of them

UK UFO sighting – Arundel, West Sussex 6/3/2015

…It had 3x red lights above 3x green lights. It was fairly low and we pulled over to watch it. It moved upwards, then sideways. It was rectangular in shape. It then went very high and dropped low again making its way north easterly….

UK UFO sighting – Ingatestone, Essex 2012

Then the cloud lit up with rotating lights, I could only see the colours rotating, nothing else, then three or more small round discs dropped below the cloud, and then quickly returned to the cloud as if they didn’t want to be seen. the cloud then. disappeared. leaving a clear blue sky again.
I did report this incident to the Essex UFO society at he time.

UK UFO sighting – London 26/02/2014

I turned to look and saw a bright light ascending into the heavens, I stared in awe as what I believed to be an extra-terrestrial ship took off. It left a trail of luminescent glow in its path, and slowly it disappeared beyond the clouds.

UK UFO sighting – Whitstable 24/02/2015

These UFOs were bright orange in colour and photonic sparks were observed emanating from around these four objects. The original UFO then stopped flying and seemed to hover directly over Fairway Crescent and Preston Parade in Seasalter.

UK UFO sighting – Sheffield 05/12/2014

Same as the Barnsley sighting, up to 8 craft flying in formation very high and silent it could of been one massive craft hundreds of meters in size I would say,This was No lanterns, satilites , or ballons, I always find a explanation for things but this was real and a bit scary because there is nothing that big. I’m amazed nobody else Has seen it. 10 mins later a large green metor burned up in the atmosphere.

UK UFO sighting – Basildon, Essex 29/01/15

Low flying Craft, rounded off square shape. 4 lights which flashed red in sequence