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UFO sighting video – Hampshire, January 25th 2015

Ufo stayed in the same position for about 20 mins and was gone when we went up the road to try and get a better view.

UFO sighting video – London 2015

This is the North Eastern Sky. This is showing the star that we have seen before at 1:00 with the satellite further up than before. I am proving that it is not a plane with Flightradar. This video is possibly not as visually exciting as the other ones I posted – but I am doing this one to show how what I have been seeing in all the other videos cannot all be planes.

UK UFO sighting – Woodley, Reading 4/11/2014

…I noticed a moving point of white light pulse on and off, as it pulsed a second time I waited for more obvious signs of aircraft lights, but just one white light repeated pulsing approximately every 2 seconds and moved in a slow arc heading in roughly and Easterly direction, it pulsed about 12-15 times then stopped…

Birmingham UFO Group Presents Close Encounters Of The Third Kind – The True Story

Birmingham UFO Group Presents Close Encounters Of The Third Kind – The True Story Venue: Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B68 8HH Title: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind – The True Story Time: 7:30pm onwards Admission: £3:00 members, £3.50 non-members Website:

UFO Sighting – Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada 22/1/15

Thought to be 2 bright stars shinning with changing colors. I live in a wooded area and stars don’t move up, down and multiple directions. One is very close to the ground the other is in the tree line just above. Both have a very bright white light emanating which appears to be like what we do if we were taking photos of the land

UK UFO sighting – Lincoln, Lincolnshire 3/2/2015

3 triangular objects travelling in triangle formation, no lights, unbelievably fast and then disappeared, completely silent. I just happened to be looking at the sky at the right time.