Archives for January 2015

UK UFO sighting – Tewksbury, Gloucestershire 19/01/15

I saw 6 horizontal lights hovering high above the horizon. I stopped to watch as they were bright and flickering. I thought its far to big/wide for a plane then they just vanished! No movement, just turned off like a light switch….

UK UFO sighting – South Hiendley, Nr Barnsley 5/12/14

The lights were as high as a normal plane that I see in that direction from time to time at night However due to the number of planes flying in formation together there was no noise to be heard….

UK UFO sighting – Diggle, Greater Manchester 26/09/14

Was in a carpark with 4 other witnesses when we saw a strange light in the sky. It then circled above us and changed colour to red and greeb , 1 row of 3 green lights and 1 row of 3 red lights it looked like. It then seemed to freeze and then landed in nearby field and as it landed there was sparks shooting upward. We caught some footage on video.

UK UFO sighting – Winslow, Buckinghamshire 13/9/2014

…It moved at the speed of an aircraft but made no sound at all and, as stated, had no discernible physical body. I watched it from one horizon to almost the other before it disappeared from view. As an amateur astronomer I have seen many objects in the sky but never anything like this….

UK UFO sighting – Liverpool 5/1/15

…I was also noticing other bright stars around it one of them which was similar in size suddenly moved in a downward motion it covered what would equate to 12 inches in the sky then disappeared….