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UK UFO sighting – Winslow, Buckinghamshire 13th Sept 2014

…as the orange light drew nearer it became very intense and there was no aircraft noise. As it passed overhead I had a very good view of it. It had no physical body; it was simply a very large, intensely bright orange ball with a slight halo around it and a short tail which reminded me of a dragonfly…

UK UFO sighting – Farnham 8th Sept 2014

…I often see a light which is stationary in the sky with sometimes incredible brightness, reverting to a softer orange/red glow. After watching for roughly 10-20 seconds the glow will completely go …

UK UFO sighting – Clydebank 11/11/12

..four lights in sky above church, moving around, getting dark..

UK UFO sighting – Gillingham, Kent 24th Aug 2014

…a bright light came towards us and we thought it was a plane on fire but then realised it was going so fast it couldn’t be a plane. My partner thought then it was a missile but when it passed overhead we were unable to define its shape as it was going too fast with what looked like flames….

UK UFO sighting – East coast Scotland 10th Sept 2014

Very large white oval object hovering approximately 150 ft above the ground at a distance of 1/4 mile.
Slowly rotating with tiny markings on the side…

UK UFO sighting – Basildon, Essex 15th Sept 2014

A bright light moved slowly though the sky for around 4 seconds,and then speed up and zig-zaged away in all directions ultra fast, weird for it to be so bright when the suns was out hardly any clouds

UK UFO sighting – Newark, 19th Aug 2014

after a moment I noticed three moving objects.formed a very strange triangle. flew very quickly and trembled but flying in a certain direction. was visible the orange 3 objects which moved across the sky with unprecedented speed….

UK UFO sighting – Chesterfield, Derbyshire 2000

It was hovering over a large house I was driving along in my car it was very close to me it was as big as the house not a sound could be heard I put my window of the car dawn but could only hear my car engine as I drove off it was following me just above the trees for about a mile then flew off at lightening speed…

UK UFO sighting – Northamptonshire 19th Aug 2014

a bright white light appeared in the sky and then vanished as fast as it came. This happened approximately 3 times but in different areas of the sky….

UK UFO sighting – Glastonbury, Somerset 31st Aug 2014

I can only describe what looked like 6 large white lights in a circle but they were illuminating in an anti – clockwise rotation it seemed 2 hover on a 45 degree right angle above the tor approx 150 feet above it…